Inessa, 40 años, Ucrania
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Porcentaje de respuesta: 4%
Información principal
Nombre: Inessa
Edad: 40
Ubicación: Ucrania
Signo del Zodiaco: Escorpión
Peso: 52Kgs
Altura: 163cm
Color de ojos: Azul
Color del cabello: Rubio
Tipo de cuerpo: Delgado
Frecuencia con que fuma: Nunca
Frecuencia con la que bebe: Nunca
Tu tipo de actividad: No importa
¿Tiene hijos?:
16 años Chico, vive en casa
6 años Chico, vive en casa
Inglés 4(intermedio)
Estado civil: Divorciado/a
Quiero tener hijos: No
¿ Estás dispuesto a mudarte?:
Estoy de acuerdo en mudarme a otro país
Tus prioridades en la vida:
Familia, relación a largo plazo
Estabilidad, seguridad
¿ Qué opinas de los gastos del viaje y el encuentro?: Yo no me planteo pagar
Estudios: Licenciatura
Sector laboral: Otro
¿Qué religión profesa?: Espiritual pero no religioso
Edad: 40 - 65
País: Cualquiera
Color de ojos: Cualquiera
Color del cabello: Cualquiera
¿ Es correcto que ellos tengan niños?: Si
Tipo de cuerpo: Cualquiera
Grupo étnico: Cualquiera

Responda algunas preguntas

¿Cómo te describes?
I'm glad to greet You, real man! I am a beautiful woman , maybe sometimes too stupid, maybe sometimes too smart. It is bad but I work on it  I am interested in many things in this amazing life. I am a happy woman and would be glad to meet the same happy man like me. And together we will be able to make our life more happy!!!  I always try to make my life better. I have a positive look on everything in this life and have positive attitude to everything what happens in it. I also try to surround myself only with positive and optimistic people. I am accommodating, balanced and optimistic lady.
I have two amazing sons, 15 and 5 y.o., who live with me. But I want to say that I am not searching for a father and a breadwinner to my children as many women here. At first I am open to a man! I want we both feel comfortable with each other. If we feel it works with us and you have this desire, I can introduce you to them.
Happy relationship for me is when my man turns mountains, set his goals, achieve them and I, as a woman, admire him and believe him. I don’t teach him, don’t give advises but create home comfort, create good mood, smile all the time even if these are our bad times. Because I know, my man will cope with any difficulties. Because he has me, a woman who even if the whole world will be against my man, I will help him with one my hand passing to him cartridges and to continue to cook the soup with my other hand, standing in beautiful nylons on high heels and smiling, looking at my man and thinking how lucky I am to have him! These are exactly true relations for me! I work on myself, I learn to be a perfect woman. I am not ideal, but I accept my mistakes. I understand that my man is always right. If he is not right – he is not my man.
¿Cómo describirías a tu pareja ideal?
I will be glad to meet purposeful, manful, strong-willed and responsible man. I see nearby a self-confidant man with whom I will be able to feel myself secure and to inspire him on new victories, reach new heights, to be his mastermind, to be his the most beautiful woman! I understand You! You are a man, life is not easy for You, You have many tasks that You solve every day. I understand You have no time for meetings with unworthy women. I understand you set high goals and you are able to achieve them not always. I understand You are that man who are responsible but can make mistakes and it is absolutely normal thing and I understand it. I believe in You, as in a man, who can achieve any heights. And I know that woman play a certain role in this process. And I know, if a woman wants to have a strong man nearby, it is highly important not just to be born as a woman but to be able to be a woman. I can be grateful to a man for his efforts, I can to believe this man, I can admire him! I use this site to be able to meet a man with whom we will be able to build a harmonious relationship. I am here not for ages and do not date with men just for the quantity  I will be happy to meet a worthy, strong and purposeful man.
If you feel we can be interesting to each other after reading my profile, please, just write me “Hello Inna!” If I will not reply to You, please, do not think something is wrong with You. I am sure You will have a luck in finding your love!
Si fuera el fin del mundo en 30 días, ¿qué haría?
To continue enjoy life
Mi pasatiempo favorito
I like everything that makes our life interesting. I am fond of sport: yoga and fitness. I think it’s very important to keep body and mind fit. I like bowling, swimming, visiting theatre, cinema, museums, live concerts. When I am at home I like to cook. I prefer Italian and our Ukraine traditional food. Cooking is a relaxing thing for me . I lead a healthy lifestyle and try to cook and eat only healthy food. I like to listen to different kind of music and like to dance very much. Bachata and salsa are my favorite dances  I love to sing in karaoke club I have a beautiful collection of orchids at home . I am admired of nature lakes, mountains, seas, rivers and forests, ocean and beaches. And the contemplation of the beauty of the changing seasons brings me to a sense of delight. I like to travel very much.
¿Te gusta la jardinería?
No me importa ayudar
¿Te gusta ir a comprar la comida?
Lo disfruto
¿Cuánto disfrutas de otros clases de compras?
Me encanta
¿Te gusta cocinar?
Realmente me gusta cocinar
¿Te gusta salir?
2 veces por semana
¿ Te gusta cenar fuera?
Lo disfruto
En relación a la TV
La enciendo para ver las Noticias
En relación al dinero
Gasto una parte y ahorro otra
En una fiesta me describiría como
El alma de la fiesta
Tu lugar ideal para vivir
casa en los barrios residenciales
Mascotas y yo
No tengo pero me gustan Gatos, Perros, Peces, Pájaros
¿Qué clase de programas de televisión le gustan más?
Deportes, Noticias, Comedia
Cómo me gusta pasar el tiempo libre
Almorzando con un amigo, Con la familia, Ir de compras, Visitar museos o galerías, Dar un paseo, Estar entre amigos, En la naturaleza
Actividades con las que disfruto
Acampar, Bailar, Nadar, Pasear
Mis deportes favoritos (practicar/ver)
Patinaje artístico, Tenis
Mis entretenimientos favoritos
Conciertos, Fiestas, Cena de lujo, Cines
Otros pasatiempos y actividades que me interesan
Cocina de Gourmet, Compras, Viajar, Yoga